Information about area of Interest:

Provide assistance with: admin support and office management.

Provide assistance with: identification and solicitation of potential donors.

Provide assistance with: assembling, stuffing, and affixing address labels and stamps to marketing and fundraising materials.

Provide assistance with: computer issues and maintenance of various databases.

Provide assistance with: identifying foundations whose grants are aligned with Mudd Nick Foundation’s mission and programs, and prepare grant applications.

Provide assistance with: planning and executing the annual golf tournament and charity auction dinner.

Work on Finance, Fundraising, Learning Experiences, Communications, and Governance.

Our 2017 Dinner and Charity Auction and Golf Tournament volunteers included:

Planning and executing the annual event could not be possible without the efforts of many volunteers. Some tasks included:  configuring and setting up computers; loading tables and chairs and transporting them between Neahkahnie High School and North County Recreation District (NCRD); setting up tables and chairs at NCRD and breaking them down after the event; directing parking; preparing appetizers and salad;  plating food; serving guests; bussing tables; washing dishes; general cleaning; bartending; running errands; and helping monitor the auction tables.

Below is a list of volunteers who offered their time and energies to make the 2017 Mudd Nick Foundation Dinner and Charity Auction so successful.  We apologize if we inadvertently missed anyone who volunteered before, during or after the event. 

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The Foundation is grateful for the efforts of all our volunteers, listed below, who made our 2017 a success:

Virginia Birkby
Ruben Bitts
Dick Bremmer
Jasmine Brimacombe
Patty Burnet
Gabe Calkins
Beth Clark
Linda Clark
Amy Cram
Lilly Cram
Angie Douma
Corey Douma
Brenda Edwards
Lydi Felley
Charlene Gernert
Troy Gleeson
Garrick Gordon
Clayton Hall
Justin Haylett
Joan Henderson
Sandra Herder
Shannon Mulcahy-Hill
Michael Hithe
Aliana Holm
Ben Holm
Sam Holm
Darren Honts
Rick & Diane Jones
Kathy Kammerer
Jack Kenne
Ryan Kinested
Leo Lawyer
Mark McLaughlin
Chris McQuaw
Tonanzy Mendoza
Kim Miller
Laurie Miller
Chris Moncrief
Abbey Mudd
Mike Mudd
Owen Nicholson
NKN HS Band/PE Classes
NKN HS Choir
NKN HS Cross Country
NKN HS Custodians
NKN HS Football
NKN HS Volleyball
Janmarie Nugent
Kathy Oehling
Christina Pfister
Denny Pollock
Marisa Real
Brianna Rivers
Kate Romanov
Dave Roth
Larry Schaeffer
Rhonda Scott
Bill Sherman
Heather Shuford
Bonnie Logan Speer
Kelly Thayer
Marta Thysell
Meagan Troutman
Krist Troutman
Ashely Verhulst
Sonja Vestal
Lynn Villemyer
Abigail Waldron
Kandle Warner
Ruth Weston
Terry White
Carl Whiting
Margaret Whiting
Kristi Woika
Janet Wood
Katie Youngquist
Russel Zaugg